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What Is That Book About? #2


The little book I read, as we are captained by your mother

in the vehicle as it travels the narrow black strip

of these few years we have together, today beside

the Tasman Sea, sock, and salt smell, of you,

in your headphones, engaged in tablet games,

and short enough still to have your feet up

on the dash, not bored with your parents yet,

is also about placement of the sensation,

the containing and defusing of the feeling

of the fine sandy gold and copper grains,

the black & petrified woods, the clear quartz

under black roads for the life of the highways & passing lanes.

One thought to “What Is That Book About? #2”

  1. Hi Dean, trying yet again to comment on this, the love of the child and the ‘captaining’ mother, the feeling of the ‘ship’ on this narrow stretch of years…beautifully put in its ephemeral joy and eternal sadness (or the other way round)

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