You inspire the flower

to loose distended crown.

Is that you, my orphan,

dressed in the aperture

of my dread?


I must illustrate

the angle of your head,

unbent; the limber

leg, compliant; engage

myself – our hues


indivisible; and in

some better way,


the tenor of dew.


*note that “loose” is not a typo.

5 thoughts on “Watercolour

  1. Thank you for reading, Lesley! I’m glad to you like it 🙂 I have been writing for longer than I’ve been painting. I have a lot of passion for both. Right now, the painting is taking the spotlight… can’t get enough of that colour! I’m also studying at university right now (English and History) which means the poor old poetry isn’t getting much of a look in. I just took a look at your Facebook and saw a pastel you’ve done of a child… GORGEOUS! I hope you keep it up! I haven’t had a look at your poetry yet, but I will do so now 🙂 I agree, that poetry and painting go beautifully together. Thank you!

  2. I don’t know enough about poetry yet to make any sort of erudite comment but I liked that. I am fascinated to learn that you paint … as so do I. People mostly. I think the two go together quite well!

  3. Thank you John and Dean for your comments. It is a tricky little poem; even for myself! But somewhere in there, is a painting. I paint almost daily – a lot of flowers… and I don’t write enough!

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