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from Hail Gazers #2

1 Come the cold, darkening afternoon, the Earth tilting the drinker toward his retirement, the folding travel armchair in the sunny yellow corner by the elongated arms of knitted winter shadow, taken backward and put into the box, the lid screwed back on the little Malt left. 2 You’re old enough to remember when licensed […]

from Hail Gazers

‘I know, I know that through me it will go: Sadness which shakes not a flower, lifts not a shadow in pain’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . whenever I live in or […]

I am sorry

    I am sorry I don’t want to stand still I want to begin to crawl And walk, run and jump But the sinking sand stops me Me and all of my stars high in the heavens. I am sorry My heart is weak and I am weak without a heart My lungs fill […]

from Workers of the Hours # 2

1 I pulled out, blind on my left, condensation on windows on the passenger side, cobwebs and night dew on the rearview mirror— pulled into traffic and didn’t care: if it is algorithms we base decisions on I hadn’t factored out as far as Pluto contracted with one of the moons of Saturn relative Sirius […]

Cover Smitten Validated

home!, in the whiskey rubber looseness of the first hour after work, seated softly and alert, because of where I live, a patched compartment, a hive of the unemployed and the left behind elderly. a desert without oasis, except for the band, from somewhere above me; home of the prostitute and boy-pimp, the Agency suspects, […]

clearing the wardrobe #1

the Past is an old pair of shoes, or cement filled footprints, and I don’t want to care, too much, about where I’ve walked, so I’m going to change this Poem’s metaphor to one of playing monopoly, but with people, relationships traded for knowing something instead of owning it. you roll her onto her side […]

beard in-fancy #2

4 the shock of the day is my new auto payment. the poetic interest is anthropological. the personal need is a difficult night to overcome. we are the ripples on the surface of Sleep, giving very little indication of why the water rose up. 40 some seasons of rent paid without a price increase at […]

northern wanders early autumn

flowing— plonking, lumpily through my fingers, dawn-cold sand, a mauve colour, at the grey beach, by the play equipment, where I’d slept, deeply & sedately, underneath the electron microscope. a ‘star’ is doubtless countless many things more than language -polished lenses can ever clarify, these floating stellar focusing devices, so many things whilom bankers, priests, […]

That girl, From The Party After The play

Caution: contains erotic content someone I didn’t know slept on next to me, I didn’t wake her, when I rose, sickened, to medicate from the cool frigates moored in the harbours of the mind and any apprehension left me as I lit the first enrolment form and moved the blanket covering a long spine, cellulite, […]

from Nowhere/ Always/ Everywhere. #2

        They drove off, waving from the backseat, on the wrong side of the road at first because the Moving Truck was still reversing in. the Bulb invents its filament, Lightning stalks the lonely, and the over-celebrated. Death: a living body… Form: a Life imagined; exercised athletic substance excursions running mountains kayaking […]

from Common-On-Est.

The retrial started after I’d taken a sleeping pill when my son decided he wanted in the same bed after a frightening movie of time travelling extraterrestrials physically present on earth, not frightening, in the horror movie way, but deep, intellectually complex, and because I had to work early I took the tablet, and then […]

Happy You Near

I used to think I knew enough, ‘Lastly’ had a meaning I could feel. Success : I have to find it here myself, the kind seen only from a distance— how we smashed out golden from the shell, a snake from the egg of youth, between home and school, slipped out of the 1st skin […]