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Ali Baba (from the sky)

We are still under the sky, In the guest room; Beast and cryptic.   Everything crawls. A car flings us. I see one peeling The middle east.   Down there, it’s still Exotic; an open sore, With a mule-cart Full of gold.  


You might trace the eye-sockets of enemies   settled in the folds; curious samples of feet – the duck   or elephant tramping off the hem of the cliff. I loathe a modern home   set to cream on cream; a sterile soap pinching corners; eyes have   no place to comb. I like these […]

Exclusive eyes

Exclusive Eyes   The changes in the temperature when they walk into the room, my desires and my memories all hang upon a loom.   Exclusive eyes they do not care for me, they see only beauty and it’s me they fail to see. their sepia gaze drawn down from a million nights as the […]


You exist in the poor length of my second toe, our lip and Irish eye that pinks upon the island air.   I’m bored cleaning corpse from empirical floor.  I pack jaws that don’t speak, at doors to centuries.   Sing – give us wars that ring in your elbow, sting of injury, and porous […]


Will stay   but not fight embarrassment in the lewd sun.   Bring down infamous rain; the fingernail and the boot.   I will sit here. Tender.   But a still-life is a dead thing. I saw one sit and never breathe again.   I paint corpses, apples and such,   and the red ones […]