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I am sorry

    I am sorry I don’t want to stand still I want to begin to crawl And walk, run and jump But the sinking sand stops me Me and all of my stars high in the heavens. I am sorry My heart is weak and I am weak without a heart My lungs fill […]

The old lisp

I hear, as if on a grey day.   If all I have is through, the pool moves.   Un-tuck me   at the scribble of feathered wrist;   and dribble at God’s window-pane.   Gust is the scrawl I see as wonder;   crippled at the hillside.  


You exist in the poor length of my second toe, our lip and Irish eye that pinks upon the island air.   I’m bored cleaning corpse from empirical floor.  I pack jaws that don’t speak, at doors to centuries.   Sing – give us wars that ring in your elbow, sting of injury, and porous […]


Will stay   but not fight embarrassment in the lewd sun.   Bring down infamous rain; the fingernail and the boot.   I will sit here. Tender.   But a still-life is a dead thing. I saw one sit and never breathe again.   I paint corpses, apples and such,   and the red ones […]


I sit; a nut, turn in my shell, eyes in backward.   Dig a wee self; forage in the glen of fine, crude cells.   I’m pressed. Ears in the ocean seize… a mutinous song.   Feb 23 2017

Nervum Tibulum

Diabolical twitch in the darkness; singer in the light.   I’ve come to   winking at the fly, its odd caress and back of a turbulent sea;   and whistling over wings of a wet gnat.   At day I load my beanbag with the cat   and another three yak   of what they […]

In a Church

In the sigh of frescoes immortal eyes unhinge.   It’s you, me and the old moving air that flees in tasted gust to the walls and keels in a pirouette.   Intervals are rent for the choir when all dust is met with the roof as they sing and they sing   or when the […]