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You exist in the poor length of my second toe, our lip and Irish eye that pinks upon the island air.   I’m bored cleaning corpse from empirical floor.  I pack jaws that don’t speak, at doors to centuries.   Sing – give us wars that ring in your elbow, sting of injury, and porous […]

from Antithetical: Poet as Worm

* It is good, yes?, to be reliable, and bold, like the engine, feed coal, soil, Mr. Diesel’s modified; or a coil humming particles, muons excitation in the gravity of time pulling everyone wired so, a round sub-molecular redundancies: nought; the armed guardsmen, the drivers; class; system; Courts, of Papacies, and vested interests; sound ideology […]

from: Love The Word Feeling Actual

Prelude . . . . . . . . . History: is guessing what was left out who knew the secrets and who had the clout. History: is running back to where you came why prophets and profits sound alike. History: is written words sealed to their shape but you know by looking where the […]