A Smooth Straight Zip

Today I left work an hour earlier,
still, I did
an 8 1/2 hour day. I didn’t need
to leave
early, but there’s a lip-sync
rehearsal an hour
after normal finishing-time and I
have the urge… I could feel it
would be the day I bring the
un-poemed verses together
while high on the first
three coffees, like a cowpoke
in a two hour wrangling
return the stragglers
and join them
with the herd.

It is not the high marshmallowing
cloud I know of in Texas, but fog,
a long gluminous snake
when I look from the rocker
by the window, on the flat blue
and up against the land
over the few meters blasted
to make the highway
like what I know of California
sharing the fault, mountainous
crinkled special by friction
and we populate, alter, and go
our herdings, hardy with
scenarios, tubular swarms of
one person is all it takes
to start a ball rolling, one
composer to change how we
to the symphonic, a single
passionate enough, who is
a transient
constant of reflection, sameness,
& change.

Indeed: even this close, existence
is a comfort
and a curse of recognition; shaping
our mouths
to the verse of better singers, aware
of the spotlights, caution,
concern, Canadian orphans, at dawn,
you’ll feel the join?, the golden,
rosy mornings
of monarchy visited on the
the bottom torn from childhoods
from the janus mercy on high, the
conSTABulary—late apologies,
troubled inquiries, G
Hallett’s ‘Blackmailers…’ it looks
calculated, determined
by necessity of fuel and
motivation precisely
to a spot, date, time, but not if
you look at the sperm,
ka-ziggly zoom, hardly
something there
to amount to much,
globs made of worms, those
made of codes, that made of spirals
spirals made of movement, movement
like the happy of the moon
to have somewhere to park…A
in walking distance. What of the
spans of achievements?, the clean
spark plugs of momentum?
momentum on course, a

Undeniably above it, the sky
webs, diptera
aeronautic, you Agreement, you
inner marriage—the horse wants
in the carriage,
the head, upon the coin, the last
has: the specie, & its currency,
want to spread & double, dominate or
half, and halve it all, this
space, this seek a
spoken mode of true dominion
on this alpha-planet—located
where it joins
a greater system, not of words,
blood, & sacrifice—
the family kind, where the artist
away, at minimum wage, to buy
the ones
he loves differently some nice
short holidays of good food and
a new game, brand shoes, a
with a smooth straight zipper.