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Do Something To Me

contains erotic content Jackets, rackets, hoodies, bras and hankies. Kitchen, picnic, travel, children’s toys, and uniforms. There is the same smell in every shop: rough-soft, moth-balled, time-stopped. I was clearing the shop of clothes that wouldn’t sell, installing new racks for the goodwear, banging on the beams, everything was everywhere. She stood under me looking up and I […]

in entering

caution: contains erotic content a lovely little mouth she wouldn’t take her top off her apple-small breasts, dormant in middle school if you were to guess had swelled with milk and feed her children, then flattened like two bits of quilted doona. she’d shared the seat, behind me on the bus, with another from the […]

How Was Your Day?

Caution: contains erotic content I didn’t know if she could see me, the woman, in her 50’s, a sport shape in the shoulders, squash or tennis I’d guess, but now with the belly fat of feasting; blond -assisted, cut nicely short; her breasts were not much bigger than softballs and sat up separated by the […]

That girl, From The Party After The play

Caution: contains erotic content someone I didn’t know slept on next to me, I didn’t wake her, when I rose, sickened, to medicate from the cool frigates moored in the harbours of the mind and any apprehension left me as I lit the first enrolment form and moved the blanket covering a long spine, cellulite, […]