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Flickers of Light

To roam those miles in your eyes, Through the lands of your devouring orchids, Covered by lavender and purple orchids, Your garden hides your daughters, A bloodline of high priestess sovereignty, You choose the path you take, Your rights to status marks your best choices, The flickers of light behind each eyelid, My heart thumps […]

Hello Friend

  Playing my old guitar , Old days like dead stars, falling apart Memories hold me back, they’re trying to Steal my dreams away I’ve never seen such a lonely heart, making my six string Rot and stale. A broken guitar Broken from inside and outside I can hear the screams of pain that has […]


FunDeadBiBigBusyness 1 There is a pandering, a love to lose yourself; a meandering in wistfulness and dream; a waiting, a weight, like thinking of the moon, in its perfect place. La Luna scale gradient exactly sized to fit between the sun. There are connections to be made, and things too small to know, and beings […]


Those who do evil, In Gods name, Are deceived, The proof of the fruit, Reveals the root of the tree. There are amongst us, Those who would perpetrate monstrous acts, In Gods name, Proclaiming God to be great, Whilst destroying, Those whom God made. They are deceived, The fruit of their deeds, Reveals the root […]