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What’s worse, being dead or dying?

Pine cone; you; red shoes, grass/New moon/pale   sky, so cool  – evening. Think:   if you go does Day/ Night also? disappear   as if it never was even here.   Hold on,

Letting Go

This cold, cold earth last resting place I heard your voice you kissed my face then all was gone without a trace in cold, cold earth This hard, hard ground no need for sight for those who lie in this dark night not to see again the sun, the light in hard, hard ground Yet […]

death and after

Those weeks alone in her flat were difficult. It was cold and I got sick after the funeral. I had sat on a plane for hours, straight and by the time I wound the tortuous roads in- land to up-stream Latium, I had been on the road, for about 40 hours. It was good to […]