TILTED HALOS by Sonya Young

Humanity is churning
A seething mass, oozing around,
at rock bottom
The power had nestled
Into the wrong hands long ago
So the fear and intolerance
That they imbedded into
Your weary hearts
Have caused the hate
In your actions
And now confusion
Reigns supreme
We are left
With beautiful killings
And ugly love
Terrorism survival lessons
For our youngsters
In school
Steel capped ballet slippers
Have kicked the shit
Out of your dreams
Halos tilted at obscene angles
Such cosy homelessness
Across the world
They slam imaginary doors
In their hopeless faces
The hems of your robes
are fraying, God!
I can offer a salve for the
Rope burns that kissed
Your neck
Are we contestants
in a race that can’t
Ever be won?
You are our spark
Our forever….
Please come down and do
A little maintenance!

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