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Songbird Why You’ll Never Sing

Part 1

I sent you a letter last night in my dream
Deemed to never arrive
Captured by hook of my bed post
A moonlit message of hope
Heaven in a wild flower
Fragrance rare
The ink on the parchment
Scatter a tale of love and hope
Empty in such a confined space

You are the rose made of the finest spyder silk
And golden milk of Queens unrepentant
Desired by wealthy merchants and alchemists
Queen of your own kingdom
Enchanted by the songbirds of early dawn
Honey dew grass moist with freshness and morning dew
You’re the guard of your hidden daughters
Outspoken from the corners of daybreak
You radiate a pleasant denial
The light of a new day
Captures the hearts of all you string along
You are from a star constellation born of the sun
Rise emporess wife to no king
You are what darkness forgets us
Quilted memories a trail you left
Your eyes the most sacred we ever came across
Our hearts as a bird beats its wings
Feathered to never meet
Denial in self gloat
Get over yourself stop milking the goat.

Part 2

You wouldn’t care
Instead I slip away unnoticed

Everywhere comes unrequited lovers
I become another poet of empty words

When silence rushes in unequal
Leaning on a chair I say nothing
The waters in my well turn to blood

I was out of time out of touch
Different sphere all mine
Technically its something we have to believe in
Every once awhile I dream about her smile
There was something pleasant about that place
Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder,
This is a start of a journey.



Poetry lover and writer.

4 thoughts to “Songbird Why You’ll Never Sing”

  1. Easy reading (flow-wise). I really also like the beast and beauty elements dotted in here of the desired. For example…You radiate a pleasant denial… and, Captures the hearts of all you string along…etc. And your twist back to reality in the end line of part 2 is really good too. You’ve captured the fantastical of the dream here, I’ll say 🙂

  2. Your on the mark exactly Dean rather a waiter ballancing a ‘tray’ instead a book that falls open to the right ‘page’ todays a new ‘chapter’ – thank you Dean for your words

  3. Hi jas, this has the feel of a waiter who, while carrying a number of plates, trips on the carpet, and while not necessarily sneakily, as it’s within his right, this being a co-op restaurant, gathers up what he can and creates a new meal…Know what I mean? Or am I off…?

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