I tremble goodbye to ground
as a banner unbound
in wolfish
uplifts; undone
by the shrinking
farm of faces, breathing
in the changeling depths beneath

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  1. Editor Editor says:

    Don’t abandon us Sommer!!!! this is great because it’s new but I do hope dear not the last, sometimes reworking a piece to be perfection well sometimes it’s good to leave them as a timestamp of that time, well that is a belief I write to. The old “make it fresh” write something new motivation gears me, but not saying perfection doesn’t have her place, but a wise old man did once say to me “nothing is complete without at least one mistake”. Please don’t leave Sommer you’re 2 latest are in the top 10 in the analytic stats.

  2. Thanks for reading, Dean. Like a loose helium balloon in an updraft, the poem/poet has left. Gone. “Can you hear Major Tom” etc et al. So that ‘wanting more’, ‘abandon’ effect was very much intentional.

  3. Dean English Dean English says:

    Hi Sommer, you’ve set off with a great rhythm .that I’d like to read on for quite a few more stanzas

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