Would you still?

Send me a pocket of oranges picked when the sun was full ripe
and chilled in an ocean of darkness
see if the lillies are budding and was it right to bouquet them?
Did the light play upon the water as the hearse lay my body down
No fruit nor blooms can touch me as I float in my cask
yet the smells would excite my olfactory and I can hear you still
Yes, still and silent.
The pungent lillies not known delight, but appropriate.Still you watch… stay with me, stay the bells that toll farewell…….and believe in love’s flower that blossomed between us for season…. for time….forever….
its seed will rebirth
nutured will bud again.to raise us.

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  1. Philomena Philomena says:

    thanks, just starting to write again after break so appreciate encouragement

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