If the sun had feelings…………..

You think you know it all………………..
Yet do you know if there’s ocasionally a moment
When the sun prefers decline than shine?
Like the man in the moon……
The sun, she can change her tune

Day when the seconds run so dry
and up in that sky, she taunts us
to be done for the day
and let sleep come………..
she should occasionally let such happen

Cos me, I’m waisting a portion
in hesitation
oh, I’d love to call it meditation
there’s a loosness to what i achieve
and believe all deep
yet I’m trite and write nonsense

Cos it saves me
from blotting out the sun

Life, drawn from that lady
The green and gold
She just keeps up and on
So should I

When she slips down
in marmalade hues
In her shoes
think I’d say”to hell with it!”

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