Saturday – night

So, home and the rest of the afternoon

i don’t remember. The sun had shone

in the rain on the walk home and later,

rain. The clouds at sun-down made way

for stars and i thought of a house we found

in the wilds, miles from the mess down

to my trembling hand.

4 thoughts on “Saturday – night

  1. Great to see your guys writing on receipts…I always use supermarket receipts for drafts, they’re always around, a brilliant white on the back inviting a few words and always a narrow frame in which to work! The house, the hand that closing line intrigues me to no end, fratello!

  2. it does look like it might have been written on a scrap bit of paper!
    (can’t) remember this – funny: you probably wrote it on the back of a bottle store receipt!
    that kind of coincidence i take as an encouraging sign, Thanks, Dean

  3. a trembling hand, a trembling day: This reminds me of poems I’d find in my note book, or on scrappy little pieces of paper— a shop receipt, from the bottle shop that were mostly illegible…you wrote something in another poem, a long one recently: ‘Remember this..’ I recall writing the same thing, remembering only writing ‘remember this’, but not what I’d asked remembrance of!

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