horses at night

I stopped to spot the grass,

look at the stars.

I caught


2 silhouettes,

the slow movement

of heads. Horses


are calm in the dark;

when no-one’s there

to see them.


But it starts –

the music begins

to grow


like 6 strings

being tuned,



27-28 October 2015

8 thoughts on “horses at night”

  1. It’s a stunner, Marco, one your best ever for me, the allusion to the slow tuning of strings puts you there absolutely in the moment, ‘horses at night’, even just the title captures something magical.

  2. This reminds me, the beginning, reminds me of a poem I have lost track of, I will teach my folders for it…the grass reference, as dual meaning, very similar to my use…hmmm…I go looking and post my findings

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