going somewhere?

The cat’s fur lights the dark on the other side

of the glass. Her tail


disappears, like a swish

white dress or a


fish, infinitely

Dear – darkness


shows me


Decidedly, I’m

pre-Aquarian. I tell you I have flown


over sea & mountain.

During the brandy, half dead,


I thought of it – the waves, &

beneath the surface, in the trenches…/


The mind stops.

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  1. Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

    you’re welcome, & thank you, Peter: you’re very kind.

  2. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    Yes, that swish of the cat tail or fish has engaged me for the weeks since you posted this, amico! Would be great to hear you talk about if!

    • Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

      Thanks Peter. ‘Swish’ and ‘Fish’ is quite a slick rhyme! You calling me up on my brag about being able to talk extensively about it? You sly devil!

      • peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

        Haha, but it works perfectly to shift the focus entirely, and is staggered across the lines!

        • Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

          Thank you.
          But here’s a response I prepared earlier; it isn’t ‘extensive’, but I haven’t the time: I’m a working man!

          The visual and sonic effects are always more important for me then the sense, or meaning, of the poem. This poem muses, briefly, on time – both fleeting and infinite – and space; and how these ideas stir the imagination. My imagination comes to a stop as it contemplates the darkness beneath the ocean, and the strange creatures that inhabit its vast silence. Isn’t it madness to suppose that they are really there, now?


  3. Editor Editor says:

    Yes very lucid I love it, brandy Ouch!

  4. Dean English Dean English says:

    this lucid first section is familiar? fur, (and human beards) lamp-lit through glass…somehow this speaks to me of worlds ending where sight finishes

    • Mark Prisco Mark Prisco says:

      it’s new, but similar to lots of other things i’ve written lately. Thanks Dean: yes: something like that – or where ‘mind’ finishes. I don’t understand it, but i could talk about it extensively if i took the time.

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