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Paint Portraits or Pastoral Scenes

Painevenings and mornings - Tongariro and home 034t Portraits or Pastoral Scenes

Photography developed
the world reflected in negative
on bitter truths that held high morals
low dealings
clear to their purpose
camera obscura now recording
mystical people
tradition held sway
culture and playWest captured their colour
failed to see their loss
focus on
riches educate the masses
learn nothing

colour tv
colour photography
know it all

In ages past no spectacles made vision clear
I’d smash them
Blind and bind our tongues
till we smell the rot we weave
till we feel the pain conceived

and hear it

Still life waits
hope has wings

People shining in clear light
Tides changing Faces ,
hear call of the wild
weather or not we listen
time tells

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