The Night’s Stay Young

a couple of quiets

son, it couldn’t get much louder


these young fellah’s

pride of the south

proud as punch

with tattoos so bright

still fresh

like they came down

in the last coast town shower


as they raise pool cues

exalt quiet ones

to mouths that once nuzzled

a mothers breast – her milk

young sailors

now set to brave heavy seas

all sheets to the wind

all ink and mouth


i’ll  drink a toast – to youth

and the promise it won’t keep

head back home

along the shore

up the garden path

to follow a merry –

dance – with mermaids

just in from the sea

and on to that house

on the hill

and there I’ll be

pining for the lone pohutukawa

nestled against the hill

with not a tall poppy

in sight – not for

a country mile

not around here



a pale periwinkle sky

to my left

the foaming sea

sacred trees to my right

and into the night

i’ll wait

for sour grapes

to argue with the fading light


while the mind will natter

with this arvo’s wine

and i’ll raise a toast


to you old friend

and them

not forgetting me

myself and i

to gaze west

at endless seas

all sheets to the wind

all ink and mouth


©Orion Foote, 2016





2 thoughts on “The Night’s Stay Young

  1. How wonderful is a ‘periwinkle sky’ and to wait for ‘sour grapes / to argue with the fading light’. What a great refrain as well, that ‘all ink and mouth’!

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