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            to Frank Le Baige

a young guy
in a windbreaker
looking out at
the setting sun
on that shore
in the wind
that buffeted
him hands in
pocket brought
you to mind
and that
strain of
sombre strings
from the car
radio, the
classical station
Gustav Mahler
something that
only held
together in
this moment
a tear on
the cheek
that you could
even say shone
in that sun
gold bound
in shadow.

18 april 2013
bucklands beach

4 thoughts to “moment”

  1. love those sombre strings. lovely poem, Peter. makes me want to listen to that 5th. those italics make it personal, special: you take the reader’s hand. wow, that tear drop might have been maudlin Tchikovski strings but for that: you could even say shone. somehow.

  2. Thanksm, John/Dean. Great question, Dean, because I think it was the fifth symphony, as at the time there was a performance of Mahler coming up and it seemed there was always the 5th or extracts thereof being played on that station. You wondered well!

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