Love Without Knowing

If I got up and left for good would you cry would you stop and wonder why?

Would you stain your pillow with your tears, would you be hollow inside for years?

Would you miss the true friend who is always there, could you enjoy not having words from lips of the one that really cares?

Does your heart sing a magic song, does it tell you it is right or is it wrong?

Words of love are sown like a seed, it can bring life or make your heart bleed.

Once you said you felt the same way, if it false or do you make that same claim today?

There is a big connection that leads to your soul, if I’m not here but to mention you have lost your goal.

Would you feel the world is at an end; would you run out and try to find me again?

Will the light be like the darkest day, or would you let pride get in the way?

After we have said and all that we shared, do you deny the true heart that cared?

You know that intuition that is deep inside, do not run you cannot hide.

If you were never to see me again, would you be dead inside would you feel the pain?

You know where your heart truly belongs, listen to it while it sings and plays that same old song.

Do you not realize you are in love and did not know, it is deep in your heart and it is beginning to show.

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