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Global Tale

Natures blood, pahutakawa drips its veins

rose petals dift away

as beauty carpets pathways

the being of this earth that groans

its skelton of mountains so strong and proud

when all mankinds dealings revolt

earth brain spits entrails,

burning fires spread fear

listen to the cries of hope

Sun transends the mire

seeks to warm our day

and light a path

mercy will divine it true


Earth ,

trembling to live in galaxies that boil and melt to twinkle in the sky

pays homage to the moon

the tide, time ,temprament of man,twisting its being

till fading phenomes clutch at truth

and youth demands a sea change

progress to peace

leave alliance to power or creedDSCF4088

just believe

that the spring gold  daffodils and Solomons seal

will cheer us again like the lymph

-infection control against greed







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