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from Antithetical: Poet as Worm #2


I was going to say compare
the aborting of emotion
richness complexity and compare
a pop song
to the symphony, Haydn, Mozart
then Ludwig, Mahler, fleshing it out
to over an hour and more,
when I realised we sit that, twice,
and longer, in theatres, and Beethoven
is Kubrick, or Spielberg, you
don’t have to like their work,
but the reach is impeccable,
in to the dark end of dreams
before 40 foot screens, or a laptop,
and follow their journey through
rich emotions, into comprehension,
insight, incomprehension, the desire
to see the whole thing, watch it all
again, pausing, taking the time to research
what a certain symbol means; so nothing

has changed, I take it back, through all
the autism, new methods of attack Nothing
has changed, everything is different
Everything has changed, nothing is different,
know what I mean? Nothing
today is not the same no-thing that it was,
a comfort, a stillness, a
i…We, are
the gaps between things,
we, are
where natter is not, no
chatter, pointless sparkle
bling: and women
are not our bitches, boys, they are
our mothers,
suiters, sitters, our sisters
and our friends—together
we are the over-all observance

of each other: Recognition,
the property exists between
electrons, the space between
a moon and satellite,
the area the sunlight
fills with Room.





3 thoughts to “from Antithetical: Poet as Worm #2”

  1. Hi Dean, I think they lads have summed it up there, tremendous sweep, those closing lines are eloquent to the nth degree…. that ‘area the sunlight fills with room’ light creating space…and I love that:
    but the reach is impeccable,
    in to the dark end of dreams

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