I Notice The Beauty Of The Black Road

And the white lines shining
in the wet night-varnish
now setting at dawn.
I’d slept good, for where it was,
the Karori Sports Club porch
light on all night, and the beautiful
restraint of the Alsatian
police dog and his fit
pacific handler waking me,
bristled snout right up at
my covered head, silent, sniffing,
disinterested even, leaving me
to it, and it rained on all night,
and now the sky is bluing,
and I’m walking to an indoor
pool where I’ll swim an empty
lane for 40 minutes, perform
crisp flip-turns each lap,
the water parting un-parted
at the spring off the wall, the light
of the rising sun I hope will
find some water near me
so that I’ll swim through the
different brightnesses.

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