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filled     for Keikei   heard in the warmth the leak of cricket into summer a tap of darkness that can never be turned off the more you try the more it trickles soaking up through the dry grass of the hill and the wind filled us with secrets our hands told each to […]

Let’s walk back..

Hold my hand, Let’s walk back.. Along the brinks of memories Across the rivers of tears Over the petals of hopes Under the clouds of dreams Passing through Harsh winter Lonely autumn Tear-filled summer The warmth of love in colorful spring To where we met To rewrite the moments Let’s walk back..


Oh haunted mirror I am on the wall, while you look at me I see the score, I’ve been watching you and your family for a decade or more. Oh haunted mirror I am on the wall, is that movement out the corner of your eye, or is that just me watching you go by. […]

Love Without Knowing

If I got up and left for good would you cry would you stop and wonder why? Would you stain your pillow with your tears, would you be hollow inside for years? Would you miss the true friend who is always there, could you enjoy not having words from lips of the one that really […]

High Up A Church

The man on a ladder is no friend of God though he is high on a church’ s side. He scrapes and paints, and the bare boards are turning white. He was, he said, bored, and the church, God bless the Anglicans, was looking sad. It was moved here for preservation. Its little town shrank […]

Head Full of Ache

In the middle of the town With a head full of ache My heart’s sinking low Spirit on ebb. Talk to me, make me sane I’m losing it all and I’m to blame. The street’s closing in. The doors shutting. It is just me, or has the wind turned? Stay with me, today and tomorrow; […]


spit           that pinch of land just enough between the sky and sea all they needed such a place to sleep out afternoons in dream the trees let loose on the breeze above their breathing skin men and women come to this place this sweep out of sand and shell into […]

I am

I am – A ‘normal’ person I am – Therefore I exist   I am not a figment of my own imagination I am not a clone Nor replication   I am – Totally unique My DNA Belongs to no-one else   I am – An alien – Within my own world… I exist Therefore […]


WAILING AND SHRIEKING by Sonya Young Long thin limbs…like twigs…emaciated and scrawny Jutting out arrogantly….from a gangly frame She enjoys the drama of thriving on self-destruct Victim mentality rules her life…blame, blame, blame Reliving old hurts over and over, adding new ones to the pile Bending the poor ears of all those willing to listen […]

The River and the Wind

She is anchored to this endless plain; her hair trailing, the dress a filling sail. The hills are a half smile reaching to a purple haze; the river peels the bank. She stood for a moment then reached for the earth. It blew from her fingers and she spun and raised her arms and her […]


DAMNED by Sonya Young He was a religion that no one followed A church with cold, empty pews He nailed himself to a crucifix Then waited sadly for good news He watched mankind marry the devil With no divorce papers to be found All these damned non-believers The emptiness to which they were bound The […]


BEAUTIFUL EMPTY SHELL by Sonya Young Sleeping in a bed of futility Restrained by society’s rules The moon is surly and bitter Her heart stained with fury A goddess of everything shallow Seduced by invisible forces Her reality now tissue thin A plague upon her mind A portrait ….a masterpiece Canvas torn and the paint […]