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On Your Darkest Day

I walk into the shadows the mood splits the trees, this hand of despair has me on my knees.
His weaving and plotting is all that he cares, as long as you captive and filled with his fears.
It doesn’t take long like putty in his dark hands, it beginning to crush me and destroy all my plans.
With my hope for the future has all gone up in smoke, faded into darkness where i did choke.
With the whispers of hate and the screams i did see, the feeling is shaking the whole life of me.
As I take the lightning and thunder that makes the heart stop, I drop to the floor and it feels like head is going to pop.
The evil around that makes me so sick, when everything turns against you but you wont let it stick.
As the fallen have hit the ground with a great big roar, smashing and tearing and rendering me more.
The spirit of torment is just like a game, it spits and hollers and drives you insane.
As i am breaking and shaking and dwindle within, I can not help this feeling that burrowed in the rim.
But within the cloud there is a light and a dove that is insight, who can be there and can take you out of the night.
Sometimes there some bad things that we can all go through, but you are in control and you can pull through.



I like to try different ways in poetry, I have only recently started to publicize my poetry. All good for a bit of fun. Don't think my poetry is personal as most is not.

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