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my cat works at night

My cat works at night,

same as me. He’s there

when I leave tho and

home first, asleep

on the chair, or floor,

same spot he occupied

before I left

to go.


I know:

I’ve only his word

that he works but,

if so I think

it must be hard –

some say, a security

guard. I caught

him once


flashing his suit

in the looking

glass: our eyes met

for a split

second. My cat

is reticent. When I think

of it I don’t think

that I trust him


at all. This

morning for instance

I caught him


my drawers,


my coin, and

pondering my card.



2 thoughts to “my cat works at night”

  1. Much enjoyed, Marco, and great to see the word ‘looking glass’ getting an outing, the end stanzas being my favourite, that ‘flashing his suit’…’pondering my card’…’ponder’ also not getting much of an outing these days either….

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