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9 thoughts to “What’s worse, being dead or dying?”

  1. Dean, yes! True. Was reading about it today after someone else mentioned it. Pure chance: I don’t recall having ever known that. If i did, it lodged itself out of reach, in the back of my mind.

  2. The ‘pine cone’, ‘shoes’, ‘you’ made me think of someone standing in front of a shop window at Christmas, the small Christmas pine, new shoes (red I keep thinking) and a pale reflection (you) and a look away into the early evening sky and its moon. That’s the way my imagination ran with it… love the poem/meditation as well, by the way…ciao, amico!

  3. thanks Lesly. I don’t mind. Yes, I wonder. The first part of the poem wants to capture loose images, moments – the awareness of being alive. The images (cone, shoes…) are fairly random (but with an ear for sound, of course). I’m not convinced that the assonance, the near-rhyme, of ‘cone’, ‘you’, ‘shoes’, ‘new’, ‘moon’ works; I worry that it’s laid on a bit thick. Otherwise, I like it.

  4. I didn’t ‘get’ all of this, Mark, (but then I am new to poetry) particularly the first couple of words. I have read it several times and feel that I now have it’s meaning though. It’s the words ‘pine cone’ that jar. I hope that you won’t mind my saying so.

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