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‘What Remains Beyond Love’

“What do you know of love?” a mirror scoffed

“Look at you, old and out of touch!”

What indeed, does one know of love

when foolishly measured by so much?


 Reflective smiles give nothing away

Just those unseen heartbeats

deafening all but one’s distant lover

too far apart, for far too long


Love found riding the plains of Argentina

Blue/white dressed in the colours of her tango

Lost, captured, bound and tortured

within the folds of her velvet lasso


“Hola. Te amo, te quiero te amo!”

Haunting whispered words, a time that flew

For only a true heart found can ever say

“Hi. I love you, I want you… I love you too!”



Copyright © 2016 Rob Welsh – Pearldiver with all rights reserved.



~ Writer * Poet * Graphic & Website Designer * Anti BS Advocate ~ Current Passions: The Injustice of Pike River 2010 & Matata 2005 ~

2 thoughts to “‘What Remains Beyond Love’”

  1. Thank you very much for that. I believe experience comes from persisting beyond the bruises in all aspects of writing. Sooner or later the bruises fade and you find in their place, your words have taken precedence instead. Enjoy the ride.

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