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WATCHING by Sonya Young

I’ve been watching you people
With your random acts of evil
Fighting pointless battles
With your glass swords…
I watched the earth give birth
But Mothers’ milk was rancid
So you drank from the sea…
The clouds and I have witnessed
Your precious pain
As rigour Mortis hardened
Your decaying hearts…
I watched closely
As you crushed the skulls
Of your enemies to dust
And snorted lines like cocaine
Now we have dry rain
Waterfalls of fire
And the sun is going to sleep.
All those hours with gilded edges
And you used them to spread
The ugliest beauty
And forgot all about love and truth
I watched you become hellish creatures
Lying in fields of beating hearts
So now you swim in your worst fears
With your feelings on life support
And I will keep watching
Your foolish rampages ….
through my Bevelled eyes.
I will reach out to hold hands
with God….As I cry for my exquisite
children …trying to survive
In the harsh, bloated world
that you left behind.

Sonya Young

Sonya Young

Until about 2010 I did not even read poetry, let alone write it. Then one day some words came through and since then poems on many different subject matters have 'wanted' to be written. It is a great outlet and cheap therapy I guess.😄

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