How Do I Love You

I suppose when I stop and give thought to those things
that as poets we all write about
Over arching it all and I guess rightly so
Love’s the number one theme without doubt

Interesting the way, we as poets create
shaping art through our thoughts and our dreams .
When I read all those wonderful poets who’ve now gone
They were also inspired by this theme

Inspiration will always use love as a basis
for creative people to use
As a way to explore, to aspire, to achieve
We could ask for no greater a muse.

I’m not bitter about love, in fact I’m a fan
And forever a fan I will be
I’m really I guess, just a weird poetess
who passionately dreams to be free..

2 thoughts on “How Do I Love You

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  2. I love that final little twist there, Auntie, the ‘not bitter about love’, with it’s shadow of suggestion that the author might be, given what they have felt and experience.

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