Dark Days

Another late, late night
I stay awake and watch TV
Trying to fill the empty me

Another mediocre being
Background white noise fuzz
And lost atop the heap

I never ride the carousel the Ferris wheel
Consigned to watch the lights
And laughter from the dark

I am the littered byways
The grey mundane
I am the flotsam washed away

The hurt you tell the pillow
Before you sleep
I am the sob and secret that you keep

Bon Ivor sings, Holocene
I concur and realise
I am not magnificent again

One thought on “Dark Days

  1. I feel the narrator, teetering on the edge of it, and the song he hears doesn’t quite pull him back, or perhaps it will. I think the ”ferris wheel’ stanza very poignant, and that ‘I am the sob and secret you keep’.

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