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Waking,… wanting….words

When the mind as in the moon takes waning phases
The melodies and tunes stay undefined
Edging  closer to its  pages
The book stays closed
tethered leaves on branches intertwined

Then Spring will rush the head and bud the blossom
Deep within the soul the spirit calls
Lending colour to the brightening day time
Breathing life in cells and nature pours

Songs hover in a haze ,
The muscles of my mind flex
And  what I seek is  the involuntary movement of the strings
That hold the beating of your heart

One thought to “Waking,… wanting….words”

  1. I can’t help but select especially powerful lines; ‘The melodies and tunes stay undefined
    Edging closer to its pages’ and ‘Songs hover in a haze’ because, what jumps out for me is the state of composition or execution before the brush hits the paper or the typing starts. I hope that is clear…or have I just demonstrated what I’m trying to say! Happy New Writing Year! 🙂

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