Nervum Tibulum

Diabolical twitch

in the darkness;

singer in the light.


I’ve come to


winking at the fly,

its odd caress

and back of a turbulent sea;


and whistling

over wings

of a wet gnat.


At day

I load my beanbag

with the cat


and another three yak


of what they

kiss and kill

at their backs.


At night

I shake the moon

as I fit fit fit


and FALL,

like death over lark.




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  1. Vicky Curtin Vicky Curtin says:

    Thanks for the fine comments, Dean and John!

  2. Dean English Dean English says:

    interesting description of the fly.. and the juxtaposition of those two things. the immense weight of one and it almost nonexistence of the other

  3. john keast john keast says:

    So spare and knowing; a view to an inner world.

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