You might trace

the eye-sockets

of enemies


settled in the folds;

curious samples of feet

– the duck


or elephant tramping off

the hem of the cliff.

I loathe a modern home


set to cream on cream;

a sterile soap pinching

corners; eyes have


no place to comb.

I like these cheap hotel

designs; the remnant bins


a hive of animates.


5 February, 2018

Vicky Curtin

Vicky Curtin

I am a poet who paints and draws - originally from Auckland; now living in the Waikato.

6 thoughts to “Curtain”

  1. I like John’s description, another ‘spare gem’, especially as it comes from one who himself wastes so few words (not sure if Mr. Keast has ever ‘wasted’ a word). Dean’s comment is insightful as well. A ‘classic’ for me, Vicky! I love the ‘hem of the cliff’ as well, always have, as I grew up on a peninsula where such ‘hems’ are always changing.

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