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By all that is unholy,
I am the dark mirror,
I am void,
Devourer of worlds,
I am WAR,
I drink the blood of infants,
Drain the world of innocence,
I dwell in the crippled soul of humanity,
I twist,
I turn,
I am greed,
Venal, lustful,
Jealous power,
Raw and old,
As old as humanity,
Hot fury,
Cold hate,
The bad penny,
The poisoner of minds,
I am militant Islam,
Ism schism,
I am the schism,
That turns the face of man from God,
Worship me with your blood,
I am WAR,
I am empty,
I am you,
If you cannot turn from my embrace,
I am unholy,
And you are mine.

Deceived. P.Rimmer.

Those who do evil,
In Gods name,
Are deceived,
The fruit is proof,
Of the root of the tree.

There are amongst us,
Those who perpetrate monstrous acts,
They proclaim God to be great,
While laying waste,
To those whom God made.

They are deceived,
The fruit of their deeds,
Reveals the root of the tree,
From which,
They feed.

Hurt. P. Rimmer.

I stand with freedom,
I stand with fraternity,
I stand with freedom,
Personal choice,
I stand with equality,
All humanity,
Is born under one sky,
We are leaves on the one tree,
We are connected,
When you hurt,
I hurt too,
I stand with,

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