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Sunday evening in GIZZY March13th 005

So in Roman times they came they saw they conquered
and when you gave me birth this life of mine you concurred,
another path
Or a flight of fantasy, when every whim as babe or being
became me
Oh, I was rather a happy chubby chanting child
not wild
School, fun, fashion romance all fell to place
and I did chase
the world
Grabbed the planes and landed free
where ere the air did take me
The sun set on Arab and African plain the globe golden
and sumptuous delight fueled joyous dusk
or sweaty dawn
Fallen heros in my days, sadness wends its willow
to improve our stance and light a path
to follow
And while I tend the waiting room my smile is broad
not hollow
Love has woven all my days
slipping in smiles or
For I can see the face of heaven in another’s eyes
glimpse their soul
which ever hand or land they tread
when alone
we face each other equal
in longing for love
when life ends will take us there

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