Grand-dest Daughter

Once in a dream-time in a land far away, MJ woke up, and wanted to play.

With magic and mystic and music in mind, she went for a wander to see what she’d find.

While moving and grooving and rhythm she kept, gold fairy dust sprinkled on each careful step but the road was as wavy as water is wet, it wobbled like jelly, all gooey she’d get!

She skipped and she hopped and flew up and down, weaving through sunbeams, drank dew drops she found.

Then stopping for *kai adventure on hold, headed for home before she got cold.

Dusky and dim did the lovely day dwindle, sparkling like rows of Christmas day tinsel.

Moonlight and twinkles above her sweet head, soothing the traveller as she lay in her bed, once in a dream-time in a land far away.

*kai = food

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