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from the deck
you saw the wild blue.
knew the full wind
of an open sea
the city astern
lying fast
in the haze.
saw the blue
unable to rid that haze
open the heart-to-shit street
of days to the blown
clearness above.

saw a swallow
hit the gusts
off the waves
a flight you know
of a low sun in your lover’s eyes
her touch across the back of
the night
a sky that takes
in all your breadth
a dusk that takes in
all your stars.

i was close
to someone grew through
journeys with her
i broke with her
for all the
skies we slept under
the wound of her kiss
in my mouth
salt at the edge of
any joy i’ve known since.
knowing a second birth
in your hands lydia of the kingdom
i am in your debt
as debted to that sky
that stands us out
on the open deck.
let someone take our
picture at the railing
the roiling waves
our backdrop
the swallow your glancing touch

circa 1994/1995

2 thoughts to “tianjin”

  1. Thanks, John. To use one of your nautical expressions, it looks like we’ve managed to clamber up and on-board again, I even feel like scaling the mizzen to the crowsnest! Thanks, Jason & NIcholas!

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