Brave light in a foul wind

Squinting in the mist, signposts everywhere

Voices of the land, sea and sky

Echo in the birds cry.


Some deep and ancient but not for me.

Some violent ugly and black – attack.

Some of a strange peace from a foreign land.

All from Reinga – the underworld.


I am alone but waiting with hope.

So much man driven selfish greed and pride

Promises of better times, but never by my side.

When will you come, great Io of the spring?


I wait for clouds to roll away…

There is more than life to live.

There is more in my heart to give

Of great worth – Immeasurable in all of us.

Beyond the realm of fools…

In the quiet place of morning light.

Alone but not alone at last.


For Sarah from her Dad.         8.8.14

One thought on “Reinga

  1. Enjoyed the feeling of the light, those ‘underworld’ voices Te Reinga calls up in one! The contrast of ‘alone but not alone’ as well, Carl.

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