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the torn, the bloodied khaki

the torn, the bloodied khaki
for anzac day, 2017

the hymn
we stumbled
the crosses
placed for
the event
there in
the dew,
notes and
even photos
fixed to a
few by
family born
in the castled
distance of
years since,
off the
other side
of that hill
we saw
the clouds
over island
and sea
seep with
glow like
molten iron
rising in
the mould,
for those
the crosses
stood for
that sun
was their
this dawn,
salute to
the torn
the bloodied
khaki, sun
through the
norfolk pine
and we grew
old again with
the day while
they lay
as they did
the torn,
the bloodied
khaki their
send off to
the return

28 april 2017

3 thoughts to “the torn, the bloodied khaki”

  1. Many thanks, guys, for your reading. I see that Dean has just posted his Anzac piece as well. I like Dean’s comment about marking off the years by Anzac poems; have been doing that a while now.

  2. great poem and tribute, Peter, without all that stupid bluster about Glory, Heroes etc, which of course i wouldn’t expect from you – with your fine sensibility.

    and we grew
    old again with
    the day while
    they lay
    as they did

    It’s all in those lines, for me. I know this feeling.

  3. Hello, Peter. It seems I am counting years in Anzac Day poems! another year, so quickly…My content for the 2017 poem has mellowed, I think, though still a touch of the absurd is included, which I will post in a moment.
    I am haunted, pleasantly, in your poem, by the ships’ empty return…My young son and I went through the Auckland War Museum recently and left feeling sickened by the metronomic reoccurrence of ‘famous’ wars… Although we did find it interesting watching the evolution of uniform, propaganda, and weapon

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