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The Resurrection

Possum under headlights!!!

Wide eyed and bushy tailed –

Passion exposed

Spontaneous tis woe!!!

Wanton kisses in the doorway-

Ultimately led to my demise-

Pants around ankles

Shoes still on-

Butt cheeks alive

on hidden camera

Moist lips

And clenched thighs-

Now headless chicken-

Cluck cluck cluck…

Backwards and forwards

Side to side-

Thoughts are racing-

My mind is pacing-

Space invaders

What the fuck???

Pointing witchy fingers at me wildly

But how was I supposed to know?

Big sister was watching-

My cabaret show-

From her hidden camera zone

Possum under headlights!!!

Dazed now and confused-

Not quite roadkill-

But ready to arise-

No bitches will fuck me-

No witches will bite

Full moon on the horizon-

This bitch will re-arise!!!

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