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from Things Are Wrong Though Fair Enough

I’d begun to think it was a crime
to have and to hold more than we need

the marvellous thing of keeping you
interested—is it so? like a light bulb

before the mind goes
it gives an intensified clarity?

I knew how the walls were

how the skin is
the edge of the universe

knew how the first thought

yet there I’d go
a cling form man

sent across the wire
to dance in liquid drowning

my round about infinity
buying breakfast at the bottleO

porno pizza Mars and sport
raw poetry  organic spells

for betterment—to want some thing
outside yourself  basic vice  secret love

peace of a promise broken
peace be the judge of its worth

cleanse cleanse the purge and health
judge the peace in long term constant use
let wonders render worry obsolete
I’ll never do a thing has been forbidden

hold back be humble
there will be some will stumble
into bed every night  being humble on behalf
and feel a type of caution
as if an act had been forbidden
when habits go against what was declared.


from Nowhere/ Always/ Everywhere

…Meet me in blue skies,
meet me in rain.
Tell me I have now
understood blame.

Peace does not start with
denial of access . Illumination

f32 acceptance.

If at the airport,
if when your transport,
see me in, respect
these wide open arms; test

which you call forth
motivates differently
hold me this actively

allow similarities
born through a woman
in one of four seasons

helpless immense with
the light in our eyes
wide open— that term

vulnerable to

my love, we are all so

born in what
-ever has


Yes No