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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Out of sight
on a blue blue night.

Out of mind?
No, you’re intertwined.

Out of sight
these feelings I fight,

out of mind
It’s you I can’t find.

Out of sight
in the failure of light,

out of mind
it’s a turning world’s grind.

Nadine you’re out of my sight,
Nadine, I’m out of  my mind.


these days there is a shadow on my heart
a stone so weighty breathing is suppressed
such sadness from this time we’ve been apart
and memories of times when we were blessed

no sleep while eyes keep searching in the night
your warmth no longer felt here at my side
without your arms to hold me nothing’s right
no comfort to be had for tears I’ve cried

why did you have to be the one to go
how could I be prepared for such a day
you’ve taken secrets only you could know
I’m left with all these words I didn’t say

dear love, I do so long for it to be
no longer ‘I’ but once more back to ‘we’


the girl on the swing

The girl skipped off the swing

and walked away.


That swing is moving still;

caught, I thought at first,

by a slow wind.


But its twin, the swing

next to it, is dead still.


I think that I’m lost

in the sky, the leavings

of a butterfly;


eyes upon the ghost

that once was a girl.


4-5 September 2015

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