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Red Moon Tonight

Living in a dream
Some of them a nightmare some a scream
Why do most things end in pain
Is that love we run from
3 steps in the evening and the darkness is a blaze
There’s going to be a thunder in the hills
A red moon in the sky
A million dollars is not how this ends
Prophets in the sky
The northern lights will come down to the streets
Beg to hear no lies
We can dance in the sun
You’re no longer going to be alone
I know I will find you the sun alive
We can wash up on the shore
To realize we are free
An ocean of dreams leaving our minds at ease
We can run across the globe to hide
Follow me there
It’s as easy as the end of the street
It’s been so long believe in me
Don’t forget I saw you standing there
I will turn grey walls to fields of green.

Yes No