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from 6ome 6ixes In Hi6tory


I Think, Maybe.
Or it’s an App.

I thought, between stars,
the gaps
of my knowing, we could

argue that
there is more black
than light

or to know 
requires a flow
from, by,

the Knower, between two
of which she is neither:

not ‘off’, nor ‘on’
but the faculty of ‘Venture’
you may cross

out Yahweh, and write
instead: Minerva,
the app will run; on Krishna

or Jesus,
you won’t lose believers;
we’re all here:

the lived, those to live, and the living
our heads hanging
over the hammock

looking up at the cat
turning her tail
this way and that

the illusion of Now
in the stars and systems
of stars above her

nightfur, bone
and the those
hybrid eyes

widened to a circle
all present, all time
in the State between

the stare
the stared at

here in these words
you looking, the
milli, is it

or nano, less
even, of a second

for them
your meaning.

Yes No