The Grapefruit Tree

Spring Storms 027


It must be enormous now …

that Morrison Seedless beloved of the Kiwi gardener

a gift from my grandpa

for the house – and my birthday.

My man used

our supply of demolition bricks to make a path

to the leafy infant

its protection, a low brick surround

as if for a nursery

its botanical companions

some lavender cuttings from the hedge

I knew since childhood.


I hope the owners of that house

we once owned

have not cut through its gnarled trunk

nor felled the giver of those golden

juice-filled fruits

… fruit which makes marmalade

for breakfast toast

eaten in that cobbled suntrap

by the French doors.





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  1. peterlebaige peterlebaige says:

    A ncie memory, Sussanah, thinking of your golden tree.

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