The Gathering


Here under a strange sun

A dying star

Draws in its carriers

Within the loops and whirls

Of genetic material…DNA

preserved, as inward collapses into immortality

The worn-out, discarded, the frayed

full of holes …of an ancient carpet

without footprints

Thin patches worn to the boards

Threads unravelling…

the ravages of substances

Abuse of mind, war, destruction

Tearing at the threads of Matter

Cradles of Humanity now its cemetery

Join with the Spirits

on the Day of Reckoning

which will be

a Day of the great ‘Ah ha’…

a Day of the great Realisation…

on those winged thoughts

which lead ever

towards the  Light

for which all ache…

glimpsed …now realised…

shining on the gems of our Earth lives

the dross slipping and sliding

into another infinity of recycling that Clay

from which God, (Who has many names)

formed all

in Eden (which has many names)

each according to their own…

as it is in Heaven … Nirvana…Paradise…


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