Black Lilies

Eros bids me illustrate

the arum lilies

these white-bloomed Zantedeschia

of golden spadix, shimmering

in green leaves pointing to the sky…

the laughing god of Love placed my hand in his

his laughter echoing to the heavens

for on my page the Sleeper dreams within a field

of lilies white, and spadices gold…

eyes closed against the mask of Eros

‘Look’ cried he ‘Awake! awake!’

‘Draw me’ the god commands, and in my hand he placed

his gift

a spadix of another kind.

‘The way to Heaven and My Father, is my way’ says he

his voice fading, mingling with

the music of Heaven

so on waking the words floated like motes of gold

and I beheld his emissary

who, floating from my page, appeared

with the gift from Eros.

This emissary of Eros paints Heaven

as a glorious black realm

the golden motes of God leading the eye

within to meld with

the substance of the Kingdom.

For he leads me to the kingdom of Hades and

Persephone, where  grow black lilies,

then with the song he sings took my hand

to follow the golden motes.


Black lilies, into whose velvet curves

I fall, to meet the Queen of Hades.

Hades – the place of contemplation

across the Styx, River of Forgetfulness.

We die to this world to be reborn

in Elyssian fields of the mind… of spirit…

Black is all colour, is night,

ebony, obsidian, jet, ink, panther …

Black lilies – which adorn the chambers of


Where even here, float the motes of gold

carrying within them, the messages from God

to be a guide in the darkness

on the return to Light.


Copyright 2008

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